18 Summer sights nearby Skabram Camping & Stugby

In the area of Skabram Camping & Stugby there are 18 summer sights that are definitely worth a visit.
Below a short description and some pictures of the sights to get an impression. The directions are available in the reception of Skabram Camping & Stugby.

1. Dammen i Linabäcken
A restored dam with a great resting place. There is an information board about the dam and a fire place.

Dammen i Linabäcken

2. Flakabergsgruvan
Flakaberg is located near Jokkmokk, 12 km south-west of Jokkmokk, an old mine where minerals quartz and feldspar were mined. 
Little else is known about this mine.


3. Granuddens skvaltkvarn
One of the few remaining mills is located on the road to Kvikkjokk, next to the northern beach of Lake Skalka.
It was built in the mid-19th century and was used until the Second World War. The mill was thoroughly restored in 1981 and the last renovation was completed in 2006.
In the past all villages had a mill where the farmers could grind their flour.  Today, the Granudden mill is one of the few mills still operating in Norrbotten. 
On special occasions you can see the mill in operation, but you can visit it at any time. The door is always opened. You will also find a fireplace here, which usually also has firewood.

4. Görjeån
It is said that all watercourses eventually lead to the sea. The strange thing about the Görjeån nature reserve is that it actually starts at the edge of the sea, 
or perhaps the coastline lay there when the sea was at its peak after the last ice age.

5. Harsprånget
Historic site with beautiful waterfall and fantastic viewpoint, memorial stone and footpath with information boards.

6. Helvetesfallet
An easily accessible destination with two beautiful waterfalls.


7. Kalkstensbrottet
An old quarry filled with water which has an Emerald green color. Also a nice view point. Well worth a visit.


8. Kronogård
Kronogård was where Swedish space exploration began in the early 1960s, before the company was relocated to Esrange.


9. Lancasterbombaren
Here lies the plane wreck of the plane "Easy Elsie" Easy Elsie was a British bombing aircraft that was damaged by anti-aircraft fire in Northern Norway on October 29, 1944. 
The aircraft, with broken navigation equipment, had difficulty orienting and ended up above Porjus, where it subsequently landed in the swamp near Porjus. 
Read the whole story of "Easy Elsie" here:

10. Masurgraven
A fantastic canyon with beautiful nature and beautiful views. Also visit the swimming lake 100 meters away

11. Murjeks Skolmuseum
A school for teachers. 850 teachers were trained in the years 1901-1934 on the teachercourse in Murjek. 
Lots of historical photos and texts, old-style school room.

12. Njietjagårsså 
A great canyon with a beautiful waterfall, beautiful nature and a beautiful view.

13. Pakkobron
View the beautiful railway bridge built in the late 1800s.

14. Partafallet
View here the waterfall of the beautiful Pärlälven. There is a cabin, fireplace and dry toilet.

15. Porjusstallen

Porjustallen, at the top of Porjusberget, is probably one of the oldest pines in Sweden 700-800 years.
It has survived forest fires and severe storms over the centuries 
and still has planting power and an impressive circumference of 3.81 meters.
On the Porjusberget there are beautiful hiking trails and a beautiful view from the southern top, where you can see the snowy peaks of the Sarekmassiv.


16. Natuurreservaat Serri
Here you can experience a beautiful forest landscape of Lapland. A wide, well-followed path leads to a beautiful fireplace near the lake, about 500 m from the road.
There is usually firewood and a dry toilet.

17. Auvakkojaure dammen
A historic place with the old dam shutters of Auvakkajaure.

18. Brudslöjan
The Brudslöjan waterfall falls down from the cliff to Lake Saggat at a place called Köpenhamn. The waterfall is formed by the Kådtjåjåkkå stream.
On the edge of the cliff you can clearly see the easternmost part of the rock of the mountain range.