Winter Activities

Step on your snowshoes or cross country skis and explore Lapland’s winter, starting at Skabram campsite.
Follow the endless trails over the frozen lake of Skabram, or step into the footprints of the sled dogs. Snowshoe enthusiasts can enjoy themselves in the vast, untouched forest which borders on Skabram. For the very active skiers there is the nature reserve Talvatis, just 3 km from Skabram. Here you'll find challenging well groomed lighted trails of varying distances and difficulties.
And coming ‘home’ after a long day out in the cold, you can relax in our small, wood-fired sauna on the edge of the Skabram lake.

Together with Jokkmokk Arctic Dream it gets even easier to book your activities in Jokkmokk. When you book your accomodation in Jokkmokk, you can directly let us know what outdoor activities you wish to do.
We get back to you with prices and availability as soon as possible so that you do not have to miss out on anything.
Also for bigger groups we can arrange tailormade activities. 

Northern light

You can admire the magical Northern Light, which moves during cold dark winter nights in the sky above Lapland, directly from Skabram. Our campsite is exactly in the small area around the Arctic Circle where the phenomenon is mostly seen. Northern light is a natural light display in the sky, particularly in the polar regions, caused by the collision of charged particles from the sun directed by the Earth's magnetic field.
Northern Lights forecast  / Northern Lights webcam

Dog sled

Discover Lapland by dog sled. Seat yourself comfortably in a sled and enjoy the silence and stunning views, or drive your own team of huskies through snow covered forests and into the unique wilderness of Swedish Lapland. The only noise you will hear is the true silence of nature and the gentle crunching of the snow as the sledge glides across the white surface.
You can book a tour from 1,5 hour up till 10 days. We can give you all the info you need. You just need to ask.

Reindeer adventure

It takes about 2 hours drive by car to get here, but then a unique experience awaits you. You will discover the magical forests of Northern Lapland in a exclusive way. After getting aqainted with your own reindeer and a short instruction you get to drive your own sleigh. An adventure you will never forget.

Tour on traditional wooden skis

Travel on traditional wooden cross country skis through the unspoiled forest and over the snowfields of Lapland.  During this amazing tour you can leave everything behind and relax in the ancient pine forest of Talvatis. Of course you stop for a rest and boil coffee and tea over an open fire.

Skiing and snowboarding

About one hour drive from Jokkmokk, you will find Dundret, the challenging ski area of Gällivare.  And 60km to the south you can speed down on the wonderful slopes of Kåbdalis.
Dundret and Kåbdalis  

Ájtte Museum

Ájtte Museum in Jokkmokk is dedicated to the history and culture of the Sami people and the mountains of Lapland. Here you will learn the story of Sapmi, the land and the people, of life and survival in a demanding climate and environment. It is a story set in the wetlands, forests and mountains of Lapland.
Ájtte Museum